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Leadership Studies Minor Requirements

(28 credits)
  • LEAD 200 Introduction to Leadership Studies
  • LEAD 400 Leadership Studies Capstone
Five of the following (one from each area):

Courses in this area center on the formal study of ethics. They focus on theories of the human good and norms of conduct.
  • LEAD 205 Ethical Leadership (2 credits) and BUAD 210 Business Ethics (2 credits)
  • PHIL 315 Ethics
  • PHIL 275 Bioethics
  • PHIL 311 Food Ethics
  • THRS 333 Christian Ethics
Interpersonal/Small Group
These courses examine the relationship between a leader and a small group. More specifically, course content emphasizes the direct influence the leader has on the individual members of the group, and the dynamics between the group and the leader in terms of interpersonal relationships that are likely to arise within groups.
  • BUAD 336 Intermediate Human Resource Management
  • COME 122 Principles of Interpersonal Communication
  • COME 222 Small Group Communication
  • COME 324 Persuasion
  • PSYC 325 Group Dynamics
  • SOCI 238 Human Behavior in Social Environments
Courses in this area explore the interactive relationship between leaders and followers within the context of societal entities or large organizations (e.g., national leaders and their constituencies, CEOs and the members of the corporate organization).
  • BUAD 337 Advanced Organizational Behavior
  • BUAD 477 Knowledge Management and Society
  • COME 426 Organizational Communication
  • POLI 338 Introduction to Public Administration
  • PSYC 221 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • SOCI 344 Social Movements 
A special topics course in political science (389/489) may fulfill this area. The consent of the program director must be obtained before taking the course. 

Leadership in Context

Courses in this area place the study of leadership within a particular context, such as a discipline, political system, culture, historical period, gender or ethnic group, or will make comparisons across two or more contexts.
  • BAUD 340 Leadership Lessons from World War I and World War II
  • BUAD 386 Leading Through Adversity: Historical Case Studies
  • BUAD 387 Aviation Disaster Exploration: Decision Making Errors
  • BAUD 400 Case Studies: Leaders in Film 
  • LEAD 360 Gender and Leadership
  • LEAD 361 Peer Leadership
  • LEAD 363 Leadership and Civic Engagement
  • LEAD 389 Special Topics (2 or 4 credits)
  • MILS 201 Basic Leadership and Management 1
  • MILS 202 Basic Leadership and Management 2
  • SOCI 380 Sociology of the Gang
A special topics course in political science (389/489) or women’s and gender studies (389/489) may fulfill this area. The consent of the program director must be obtained before taking the course.

Leadership Skills

Courses in this area provide some of the basic skills that are necessary for leaders to be successful in their realm of leadership. These skills focus on written and spoken communication as well as statistical skills.
  • BUAD 284 Statistics for Business and Economics
  • COME 322 Business and Professional Speaking
  • ENGL 290 The English Language
  • ENGL 306 Professional Writing
  • SSCI 224 Basic Statistics 
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