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Get Involved!

There’s no better way to get connected than to get involved. 

Co-curricular involvement is an important aspect of your college life. There are life-long friendships to be made, leadership skills to develop, and people to be served. These are the skills that add quality and balance to your life not only now, but in life after college.

If you’re a new student, and you are exploring how to find your niche, throw yourself into these annual events with gusto:
  • Attend the two-day Summer Orientation, and stay overnight. Orientation is where you get the nuts and bolts out of the way (advising, registering, applying, testing, etc.), but it’s also an ideal opportunity to start getting to know some of your future classmates.
  • Get to know your First-Year Experience (FYE) mentor and don’t be afraid to ask questions. FYE mentors are upperclassmen who’ve been where you are now. They know the ropes and applied for the position, knowing they could help you!
  • Attend as many events as possible during the Week of Welcome (WOW). WOW gives you many networking opportunities and informal means to just get connected. Comedy, music, informational meetings, picnics ... there are lots of opportunities to just relax and get to know people.
  • Attend the student involvement fair, at the beginning of each semester to check out the wide range of student organizations active on campus and find out how to get involved.
  • Sign up for the Emerging Leaders program and start preparing yourself for future campus leadership roles.

Browse the list of student organizations to get connected!

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