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Mathematics is so much more than cold computation. This elegant art productively combines logic and creativity to solve real-world scientific, business and societal problems.

Students of mathematics work in the fascinating world of real and complex numbers, infinite dimensions and probability. There, you learn to amplify reason with ingenuity, using computers and other technological tools to model physical and theoretical situations relevant to your profession and our world.

At St. Norbert College, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics or mathematics teaching. Or you can minor in either field.

A Mathematics Degree at Work
You’ll find St. Norbert College’s challenging mathematics curriculum a solid preparation for your career in mathematics, whether you intend to work in industry, teach at the secondary level or attend graduate school. Paired with the college’s strong liberal arts education, the study of mathematics equips you to work in any number of roles:
  • Financial analyst
  • Actuary
  • Computer programmer
  • Secondary school mathematics teacher
  • Pricing estimator
  • Loan officer
  • Market analyst
  • Business manager
  • Rates analyst
Likewise, a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics serves as a firm foundation for graduate study in several disciplines. Fields that St. Norbert mathematics alumni have studied in graduate school include:
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Industrial engineering
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Environmental engineering
  • Biostatistics
  • Law
Magnify Your Mathematics Degree
You’ll find an abundance of opportunities to build upon your study of mathematics at St. Norbert College. High on the list is a 10-week paid summer research program open to qualified undergraduate math majors.

Mathematics club Sigma Nu Delta brings math enthusiasts together for social, academic and community-service opportunities. Its activities include an annual scholarship competition for high school math students.

Academic excellence in mathematics qualifies you for mathematics honor society Pi Mu Epsilon. The group collaborates with Sigma Nu Delta to hold an annual regional mathematics conference at St. Norbert College.

A number of scholarships support undergraduate mathematics education. Students receive them based on both need and merit.

As a math student, you may be eligible for an undergraduate teaching-assistantship to tutor students in courses you’ve completed. You also can collaborate with professors on mathematics research, contribute to the St. Norbert College Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics, and pursue actuarial and other math internships.

Mathematics majors also may opt to study abroad. Programs on several continents meet course requirements while exposing you to another culture – an experience prospective employers value.

Alumni Highlight

A research project that licensed pilot Erik Miller ’13 started in high school has hit the big time with his recent publication in the Journal of Aircraft – an accomplishment that might not have been without the encouragement of Rick Poss (Mathematics, Emeritus).

Faculty Highlight

Fluid mechanics figures in countless phenomena, from lung function to lake sedimentation. Terry Jo Leiterman (Mathematics) investigates both and brings fluid mechanics theory to life in a new lab on campus. The experiments she and her students perform there will contribute to scholarly understanding of the interplay between lake ecosystems and climate change. Their research could prove valuable to those exploring how changing carbon cycles influence climate.

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