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Exploring Faith

Donum Ipsum

Rooted in the core traditions of the college - Norbertine, Catholic, Liberal Arts - Donum Ipsum (meaning "the gift itself") is a collaborative offering by St. Norbert College Parish and Campus Ministry that provides an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to participate in open and honest discussions in a comfortable and prayerful community about the Catholic tradition that enliven and enrich both the spirit and the mind.

Faith In Film
In life and in art, the lines between the sacred and the secular often intersect. In the film world, many projects today reflect this reality and so the campus ministry department has created an opportunity to explore how modern/popular film provides the opportunity to facilitate a rich and meaningful discussion of how these intersections can have relevance for our everyday lives. Faith in Film Blog

Sacred Hour
This marks the tenth year the college has been observing Sacred Hour.  This observation connects us with St. Norbert of Xanten in whose life prayer, study and contemplation were key elements. It also acts as a college adaptation of that which Nobertines experience in their daily living—specific times dedicated to coming together in prayer. Please visit the Sacred Hour web page for details regarding this year's Sacred Hour opportunities.

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