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burke Burke Hall Seat of Wisdom Chapel
The chapel in Burke Hall is located on the 4th floor, and is one of our largest residence hall chapels. During the academic  year, it is used for Mass and most Burke ALIVE Team programs. Its lushly carpeted floor and window  views of the river also make it a wonderful spot for personal prayer or reflection. Anchoring the ends of the room are two  striking pieces of art that speak to the varied moments experienced on a faith journey – the doubt of Thomas and the conviction of David. An icon of Mary along the East Wall gives the Chapel its name as she is revered as the Seat of Wisdom.

Campus Center Reflection Lounge
During the hectic academic year, students find their way in and out of the Campus Center regularly –whether attending a meeting,  grabbing a bite at Phil’s, or checking their mailboxes. At the top of this active building is a beautiful reflection lounge.  It does’t take students long to discover its comfy couches and two full walls of windows looking out on the Fox River! A great place to study or rest – if you decide to put your feet up, be sure to set the alarm on your phone. On the south wall of this lounge are ceramic icons honoring the world’s great religious traditions. This room is not regularly open to  reservations so that it can remain available for individual use when the building is open.

michels1 Michels Hall Chapel of Norbertine Saints 
The Chapel of Norbertine Saints is located on the first floor of Michels Hall just off the main lounge. The frosted windows in this chapel let nature paint them in new colors each season. The chapel includes a bronze relief of St. Norbert, a contemporary artist’s perspective on the Madonna and Child, and art pieces that connect us to Africa and Asia. This chapel is used for weekly Mass, and ALIVE Team service reflections. In addition, it is a welcome respite for busy Michels Hall students.
gries1 Gries Hall Reflection Lounge
Our newest residential hall on the corner of Third and Marsh streets has a reflection lounge on the third floor. This open space, set off with columns rather than walls, invites you in for a moment of meaningful conversation or personal reflection. Note the extraordinary one-of-a-kind table suited for use as an altar and the welcoming seating that invites group conversation.

sens1 Sensenbrenner Hall Blessed Sacrament Chapel
The chapel in Sensenbrenner Hall is located on the garden level just across the hall from the Women’s Center. This chapel allows for two types of uses. It has a traditional seating arrangement and raised altar area which works well for formal prayer services. But it also has a carpeted floor and movable seating which can be used for discussions and informal prayer experiences.  The stained glass windows in this chapel, visible from inside or outside the hall, depict various saints and blesseds of the Norbertine Order.
madlor2 Madelaine/Lorraine Hall Reflection Lounge
This space on the first floor on Mad/Lor is an intimate place for reflection. Soft carpet and  movable soft seating allow for small group prayer and discussion experiences. The Mad/Lor ALIVE Team regularly offers programs in this space. This space is also available to individual students looking for a place to reflect. As the artwork on the south wall instructs, “Be still and know that I am."
oldstjoes Old St. Joseph's Church
This is the place of worship for St. Norbert College Parish, a parish community that includes many SNC students. Renovated in 1998 and rededicated in 1999 this beautiful prayer space includes seating in the monastic tradition, a striking balance  of stained glass and natural light, and several beautiful wood furnishings restored and repurposed from the original church building. In addition to the many students, faculty, and staff who participate in the sacramental life of the parish, many people find the quiet church a wonderful place to go for a moment of prayer or contemplation. In additions, members of the college community gather here on Wednesday mornings during the academic year to celebrate Sacred Hour.


MMM Hall Reflection Lounge
This large multi-purpose space is located on the first floor of MMM residence hall. Designed as both a place for quiet study and individual and group reflection, this space includes striking icons of two spiritual leaders. Balancing East and West, male and female, Hinduism and Christianity, this room is anchored by drawings of Mohandas K. Gandhi and Dorothy Day. The ALIVE Team utilizes this space as can other groups wanting a place for reflection and small group discussion.


This space is attached to Old St. Joseph Church. Members of the college community are welcome to join the Norbertines of St. Joseph Priory who gather here daily to celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours. In addition, individuals regularly stop in here for adoration or a moment of personal prayer


Mulva Library Reflection Lounge
The Mulva Library includes a fireplace lounge on the third floor above the Center for Norbertine Studies. Available for both personal reflection and quiet study, this space includes a tremendous bank of windows looking out on the beauty of the campus. This room is not regularly open to reservations so that it can remain available for individual use when the building is open.
mulva library
garden1 Shakespeare Garden
The Monday Shakespeare Club of Green Bay, founded in 1900, dedicated this beautiful garden to the people of Green Bay and De Pere on May 15, 2000. Containing varieties of roses from Shakespeare’s day and several benches, this is a delightful spot for reading and reflection in the warmer months. On an early spring day – when we realize we survived winter once again – you might be delighted by the sight of an SNC professor holding class on the benches leading up to the garden.


The Shrine of St. Mary
The Shrine of St. Mary is located just to the east of MMM hall, and honors Mary, the Mother of God. Another beautiful place in the gentler weather months, this spot is available for prayer or quiet reflection.
Todd Wehr Hall St. Teresa of Avila Reflection Lounge
This space is located on the main floor of Todd Wehr Hall. Stained glass windows donated in honor of Marianne Vandrisse separate the space from the rest of the area. The six stained glass windows were originally part of a larger installation in the chapel of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet adjacent to St. Joseph's Academy in Green Bay that was built in 1963. This space has become a popular place for all to reflect and study since the building reopened in February of 2010.

The Labyrinth at Donald J. Schneider Stadium
A lovely short walk from campus is this meditation path at the college's stadium facility. The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of life's journey. It is a path of prayer for people seeking the divine. The winding meditation path leads to the center. Not a maze in which one can become lost, the labyrinth has one route in and the same route out. This path is based on the labyrinth laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral, France, around 1220 CE, and is available to any who may enjoy using it.


Rosary Walk
Though the true origins of the rosary are contested, it can be said that this form of prayerful meditation has been used since at least the 13th century by men and women who have wished to enter more deeply into the mysteries of the life of Christ and his ministry.   This particular prayer space located just outside the Oratory of Old St. Joseph Church, featuring a decade of the rosary inlaid in the ground, is sometimes used by a group of students who pray the rosary weekly on Monday nights at 9:00pm. Anyone is welcome to join this group or pray the rosary at this site on their own.

strahov Art and Photo Walk
For over five year, the college has sponsored an annual heritage tour that takes staff and faculty on tours to the many Norbertine abbeys of Western and Eastern Europe. Strahov Abbey, the final resting place of St. Norbert of Xanten is shown on the left and the birthplace of St. Norbert of Xanten is shown on the right. Numerous photographs of many ancient abbeys are showcased in the hallways and classrooms of our academic buildings and residence halls.  Please feel free to print the guide to these photos and take a walk.

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