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LIST 505A or LIST 560A: Gender and Social Movements in Latin America

Area: Ideas and Issues in Social Sciences or International Perspective
Instructor: Dr. Gratzia Villarroel
Course Materials: Syllabus

Course Description
The course will analyze Latin American social movements from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will discuss women's suffrage movements and feminist struggles throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and study women's attempts to advance their rights in the private and public spheres. Women are increasingly taking leadership roles as heads of households, union leaders, entrepreneurs, and/or politicians. In the process they are not only transforming their communities but also changing traditional gender roles.

Required Book List
  • Pieper Mooney, Jadwiga E. The Politics of Motherhood: Maternity and Women's Rights in Twentieth-Century Chile
  • Rotker, Susana. Oblivion and Memory in Argentina
  • Fregoso, Rosa-Linda. Terrorizing Women: Feminicide in the Americas
  • Craske, Nikki. Women and Politics in Latin America
  • The fifth required book is to be announced.