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LIST 503 or LIST 560: World Religions: A Story Approach

Area: Ideas and Issues in Humanities or International Perspectives Thematic Area
Instructor: Dr. Len Biallas

Course Description
Following a brief investigation of Judaism and Christianity, the course examines Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism that serve as a the cultural basis for the majority of all humans in our world today. Students will study their own sense of sacred, their own systems of salvation, scriptures, beliefs, rituals, ethics, communities, and spirituality and especially their own sacred stories. The course will explore the life wisdom in these traditions with special consideration to the challenges of our world today, in particular, "hotbed issues" such as how to deal with terrorism and tsunamis. It will show that contrary to much of what appears in the media, these religions stress gentleness and compassion. The course will also break down prejudices and misconceptions about other religious traditions and at the same time, strengthen and affirm the students' own search for an integrated worldview and answers to life's meaning.

Required Book List
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