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How to Create a Great Audition Video

Quick Tips to Help You Feel Confident

  • Making a good audition recording takes practice, preparation and planning. Spend some time making practice recordings to help you feel comfortable. Maybe ask a parent, teacher or friend to help you with the process and to give you feedback. The more you practice, prepare and plan, the more relaxed and confident you will be.
  • Plan to have someone available at your recording to hit start and stop on your recorder. This way you can just concentrate on performing.
  • Record as many takes as you want and choose the one you like best! Have your music teacher review and help suggest which recording to submit to the college for consideration.

How to Choose and Set Up Your Recording Location:

  • It is important to find a space with great sound. That might be right in your home or have your music teacher help you locate a space. Consider a church, school, local music venue or studio.
  • Microphone placement makes a big difference in your sound. Record a few takes with different placement and determine what sounds best. Too close may cause a distorted sound and too far away may sound unclear.
  • Make sure you have good lighting so those viewing your recording can see you clearly. Having a light in front of you is best - natural light is even better.
  • Get rid of anything in the video frame that could be distracting to the viewer like artwork, posters, animals or other people.
  • Position yourself about 6-7 feet away from the camera and make sure viewers can observe the full range of motion of your body and instrument. For instrumental auditions, be sure the music stand is not blocking the view of your hands while you are playing.
  • Before the record button is pushed, take a deep breath and relax. You’re going to be great!

Ready to Record

  • Start by introducing yourself by telling the viewer your first and last name, high school you are from, name of your audition pieces and the composer for each piece, in the order you are performing them. Take your time so you can be clearly heard and understood. When you are nervous it can be easy to rush and talk faster than you think.
  • After your introduction, go right into your audition pieces. Enjoy the moment!
  • After you have finished your recording and decided you are ready to submit, complete the Scholarship Video Audition Form and include the link to your video. This means you will need to upload your video to a platform that can provide a link for viewing. Youtube is an excellent option and very easy to use.
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