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St. Norbert College To Host "Catholic Health Care Ethics Amidst Scarcity: What Has COVID-19 Revealed?" Webinar

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From St. Norbert College, September 3, 2020
by Mike Counter,, 920-362-8864

The Killeen Chair of Theology & Philosophy Lecture Series will host a webinar titled “Catholic Health Care Ethics Amidst Scarcity: What Has COVID-19 Revealed?” This event will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 7 p.m. To register go to
In a pandemic, the demand for effective therapies may exceed the supply. In a worst-case scenario, this means that people who otherwise could have been saved will die. How does this scenario affect our ethical principles?
The ethical principles that guide medical practice in normal circumstances still apply to the types of decisions faced during a pandemic. However, the application of these principles shifts from a more individual-centered perspective to a more population-based, public-health-centered perspective. In some cases, what would be ethical and consistent with the standard of care under normal circumstances of medical practice may in fact become unethical in times of a pandemic.
The webinar will include a presentation by Mark Repenshek, vice president of ethics and church relations for Ascension Health Care, followed by a symposium that will explore the relationship between scarcity and COVID-19 relative to the following disciplines:
The medical profession
Featuring: Ashok Rai, MD, Prevea Health president and CEO

The nursing profession
Featuring: Carol Smith, RN, St. Norbert College health services staff nurse and assistant director

Health care leadership
Featuring: Jeff Hunter, Schneider School of Business & Economics adjunct professor and former senior vice president for strategy and marketing at ThedaCare

The symposium will close with a theological assessment led by Paul Wadell, professor emeritus of theology and religious studies at St. Norbert College.

For more information, go to

The Killeen Chair of Theology & Philosophy is a resource that underscores the importance of theology and philosophy in a Catholic liberal arts education and highlights the commitment of St. Norbert College to provide an education that is personally, intellectually and spiritually challenging.
Established in 1984, the Killeen Chair invites nationally and internationally known figures in the fields of theology and philosophy to campus.

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