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Nicholas Patton ’03

Senior Graphic Designer

B.A., St. Norbert College

Nick Patton has been with St. Norbert College since coming here as a freshman in 1999.
As a student, he spent three years interning for creative services and Sigma Tau Delta. After graduating in 2003, he was hired by the college as a graphic designer. His responsibilities include designing communications materials that meet the college's objectives, deadlines and budgets as well as helping develop the college's graphic identity standards.

In 2007, he was the lead designer for the college’s Green Knight identity. In 2010, he designed Norby Knight, the college mascot. And in 2013 he wrote and illustrated the St. Norbert College picture book “Norby the College Mascot.” To see Nick’s illustration work, visit his website.

Nick has won a number of design awards for his work at St. Norbert. To see his complete list of awards visit his LinkedIn profile.

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