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Courses That Transfer to Bellin College

The following are St. Norbert College courses that meet Bellin College general-education requirements.

Business Requirement (3 credits)
BUAD 100 Introduction to Business
BUAD 142 Computer Applications in Business
ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics
Communication Requirement (6 credits)
Writing (3 Credits)
ENGL 150 Introduction to Literature
HON 190 Introduction to Honors
Speech (3 Credits)
COME 122 Principles of Interpersonal Communication
COME 124 Principles of Mass Communication
COME 222 Small Group Communication
COME 322 Business and Professional Speaking
COME 324 Persuasion
COME 328 Family Communication
COME 330 Intercultural Communication
COME 389 Health Communication
COME 426 Organizational Communication
COME 427 Communication Theory
Human Development Requirement (3 credits)
SSCI 220 Lifespan Human Development
Human Diversity Requirement (3 credits)
COME 330 Intercultural Communication
HIST 118 Survey of African History
HIST 120 Survey of Middle-Eastern History
HIST 122 Modern East Asia
HIST 130 History of Latin America
HIST 316 The Americas 
HIST 345 Slavery in Africa and the Americas 
HIST 368 Asian-American Relations 
HUMA 110 Introduction to Womens and Gender Studies 
HUMA 280 Japanese Culture and Society 
INTL 150 Introduction to International Studies
PHLP 100 Philippine Culture and Society
RELS 340 World Religions
SOCI 111 Cultural Anthropology
SOCI 260 Gender and Culture
SOCI 312 Native American Ethnology
SOCI 314 Native Peoples of South America
PSYC 311 Personal Development: A Multicultural Perspective
Philosophy/Ethics Requirement (3 credits) 
PHIL 120 Philosophy of Human Nature 
PHIL 213 Medieval Philosophy 
PHIL 275 Medical Ethics 
PHIL 300 Modern Philosophy 
PHIL 305 American Philosophy 
PHIL 315 Ethics
PHIL 320 Business Ethics 
PHIL 360 Philosophy of Science 
Psychology Requirement (3 credits)
PSYC 100 General Psychology 
Science Requirements (all required)
BIOL 120 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
CHEM 105 General Chemistry 1
BIOL 215 Human Anatomy and Physiology 
BIOL 250 Introductory Microbiology 
Sociology Requirement (3 credits)
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology 
SOCI 111 Cultural Anthropology 
Statistics Requirement (4 credits)
 SSCI 224 Basic Statistics 
Upper Division Elective (3 credits)
Any 300/400-level course in the catalog, in consultation with your advisor.
Humanities Electives (6 credits)
Any humanities course for art, communication and media, English, modern languages and literature, history, humanities, music, philosophy, and theatre.
Social Science Elective (3 credits)
Any social science course selected from business administration, economics, education, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, IDIS 363 Poverty and Social Justice, and INTL 150 Introduction to International Studies. 
General Electives (8 credits) 

Any course in the catalog, in consultation with the advisor.
Note: Extra credits from the following count toward general elective credit:

The extra credits are from:

  • 1 credit ENG 150
  • 1 credit Diversity
  • 1 credit Business
  • 1 credit Upper level

The student can take the remaining four credits from any course in the catalog in consultation with their advisor.

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