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Self-Study Steering Committee

Robert Rutter   Self-study chair
Dr. Robert A. Rutter
Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Location: Main Hall, Room 208
Phone: (920) 403-3964

Julie Massey
  Criterion #1 chair
Ms. Julie Massey
Director of Faith, Learning and Vocation and Campus Ministry

Location: PAC, Room 105
Phone: (920) 403-3014

Writing Team:
Dr. William Hyland, Director of the Center for Norbertine Studies and Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
Dr. Joy Pahl, Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Reading Team:
Mr. Bob Pyne - Peace & Justice
Ms. Joyce Tullbane - Study Abroad
Ms. Nancy Mathias - Leadership Development, Service & Engagement
Dr. Paul Johnson - Philosophy, Faculty Chair
Ms. Theresa Refsguard - College Advancement

Curt Kowaleski

Criterion #2 chair
Mr. Curtis J. Kowaleski
Director of Finance

Location: JMS, Room 219
Phone: (920) 403-3117

Writing Team:
Ms. Heather Kaminski, Budget Manager for Academic Affairs
Ms. Joanne Blascak, Data Retrieval & Authentication Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Reading Team:
Dr. Joe Tullbane - International Education
Ms. Julie Friedman - Mission & Heritage
Ms. Jenny Schroth - Career Services
Ms. Linda O'Keefe - Registrar's Office
Dr. Wolfgang Grassl - Business Administration
Mr. Dennis Wieber - Facilities


Criterion #3 chair
Dr. Stephen T. Correia

Associate Professor of Education

Location: Boyle Hall, Room 236
Phone: (920) 403-3927

Writing Team:
Dr. Thomas Bolin, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Dr. Kari Cunningham, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Reading Team:
Ms. Kelly Krummel - Humanities & Fine Arts
Ms. Rebecca Welch - Faith, Learning & Vocation
Mr. Billy Falk - Alumni
Dr. Brad Ellis - Modern Language & Literature
Mr. Andrew Caldie - College Advancement


Criterion #4 chair
Dr. Linda Beane-Katner
Associate Professor of Modern Language and Literatures and Director of Faculty Development

Location: Boyle Hall, Room 325
Phone: (920) 403-3111

Writing Team:
Dr. Marcie Paul, Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures

Reading Team:
Mr. Corday Goddard - Student Development
Dr. Bill Hyland - Center for Norbertine Studies, Classical Studies
Mr. Scott Crevier - Information Technology
Dr. Laurie McDiarmid - English
Ms. Dinah Grassel - Masters in Theological Studies

Barb Bloomer

   Criterion #5 chair
Ms. Barbara Bloomer
Director of Health & Wellness Services

Location: Main Hall, Room 16
Phone: (920) 403-3266

Writing Team:
Dr. Beth Tarasawa, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ms. Barbara Bloomer, Director of Health & Wellness Services

Reading Team:
Mr. Dan Robinson - Center for Community Service & Learning
Ms. Bridget Martin - Multicultural Student Services
Ms. Karen Mand - Library
Dr. Cheryl Carpenter - Sociology, Senior Advisor for Diversity & Equity
Ms. Gayle Lenz - Faculty Development

Paul Krechel
Student Representative
Mr. Paul Krechel



Patricia Wery
Clerical support
Ms. Patricia A. Wery

Administrative Secretary of Institutional Effectiveness

Location: Main Hall
Room: 219
Phone: (920) 403-3855

Drew Van Fossen
Communications chair
Mr. Drew Van Fossen
Director of Communication and Design

Location: PAC, Room 28C
Phone: (920) 403-4427
Jeff Zahn

Federal Compliance chair
Mr. Jeff Zahn

Director of Financial Aid

Location: JMS, Room 221
Phone: (920) 403-3990


Jack Williamsen
Charts & Graphs
Dr. John A. (Jack) Williamsen

Data Analyst, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Location: Main, Room 14
Phone: (920) 403-3993

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Phone: (920) 403-3855
Fax: (920) 403-4096

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