Assessment 101: Back-to-Basics


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Table of Contents

Assessment 101: Back-to-Basics

Overview Topics and Goals of Workshop

Definitions of Assessment A Background Knowledge Probe

Definitions of Assessment A Formal Working Definition (AAHE, ‘95)

Definitions of Assessment (key underlying questions)

Definitions of Assessment A Glossary of Related Terms

The Benefits of Assessment (To the Key Stakeholders in the Process)

The Benefits of Assessment (What’s in it for Faculty Members?)

Assessment Myths and Misconceptions

Essential Components of an Assessment Plan

Basic Steps in Assessment (What to do and when to do it)

Basic Steps in Assessment: Preliminary Questions

Guidelines for Good Practice What NCA Evaluators Expect

Guidelines for Good Practice Some Final Words of Wisdom

Assessment Resources

Need Help? On Which Topic(s)?: Check all that apply

Concluding Remarks: One-Minute paper

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