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Parents of St. Norbert Issue Archive

July 2022
How to Prepare for Move-In Day
New on Campus This Year
A Welcome From the President
Research Project Studies Student Self-Care
Navigate the Academic Year With This Helpful Calendar
It’s Quiz Time!
March 2022
How to Wind Down the School Year
Nine Ways to Help Defuse Student Stress
Behind the Scenes with Marc von der Ruhr (Economics)
This New Grad Is Off to a Great Start
Top Tips for Managing College Costs
It’s Quiz Time!
November 2021
Making the Most of Thanksgiving Break
Two Students Currently Studying Abroad Share Their Unique Experiences
Campus Jobs Can Pay Significant Pre-Professional Dividends
Alum in NFL Now Mentoring SNC Student
Check Out Video and Photo Highlights from Our Special Events!
It’s Quiz Time!
March 2021
COVID Can’t Stop SNC’s Undergraduate Research Forum
Norbertine Abbot General is This Year’s Commencement Speaker
SNC Employee, Alum and Parent Says Our Students Are Crushing It
Senior Wine-Tasting a Smashing Success
SNC’s Strong Scholarship Support Crucial to Many Students
It’s Quiz Time!
November 2020
Norbertine Art Professor Talks of Hope, The Healing Power of Nature and … Baking!
The Unique Mental Health Challenges of COVID-19
SNC Grads Rank High in Significant Indicator for Future Security
Virtual Work Proves Valuable, Says SNC Senior
Photo Gallery: Fall Color on Campus
It’s Quiz Time!
September 2020
The New Academic Year Is One for the Ages
A Letter From President Bruess: Adapting and Making Sacrifices in Difficult Times
New Course Topics Bring Additional Academic Focus to Issues of Inclusion
Despite This Unusual Year, Your Student Still Can Make Connections
Starting and Ending Your SNC Years During the Pandemic
Chris Wilbert: More Than a Housekeeper
Parents’ Facebook Group a Popular New Addition
It’s Quiz Time!
May 2020
A Commencement for the Ages
A Year to Remember Comes to a Virtual End
SNC Parents Facebook Group Is a Hit
Safer at Home With SNC’s Timmer Family
It’s Quiz Time!
March 2020
SNC’s Academic Centers Focus on Equality, Service, Polling and More
COVID-19: New Travel Restrictions and Spring Break Advisories
Former CNS Director Returns as Board Chair
Join the St. Norbert College Parents’ Facebook Group
Be Prepared for Some Changes – and Fun! – When Your Student Comes Home
It’s Quiz Time!
December 2019
Studying Abroad Has Positive Effect on Students
Q&A With New Campus Safety Director
Support for First-Generation Students Important
SNC’s Emmaus Center Provides Lots of Opportunities
Photo Gallery: Family Weekend and SNC Day
It’s Quiz Time!
August 2019
What’s New on Campus
Green Knights Give Move-In Intel
SNC’s Career and Professional Development Hub Offers Resources for All Four Years of College – and Beyond
When Students First Leave Home, It Can Affect Everyone
Family Weekend and SNC Day Are Sure to Please
It’s Quiz Time!
March 2019
Commencement By the Numbers
SNC Employee/Parent/Townie Dishes on 50 Years of College Life
Summertime Often Means Undergrad Research
Parents Say Service Work Helps Students, Too
High-Impact Teaching Drives Student Success
It’s Quiz Time!
November 2018
What to Say to Your Student About Finals
Vaccinations Are Important for College Students
Tips on Making College Affordable
St. Norbert Graduates Quick to Land Jobs, Enter Grad School
Photo Gallery: SNC Day & Family Weekend
It’s Quiz Time!
August 2018
Mark Your Calendars for Family Weekend and SNC Day
New School Year Brings New Offerings
A St. Norbert Welcome Means Everyone Pitches In!
Your Student and Alcohol: Four Tips for Effective Conversations
Volunteer Experience Impacts Life Direction
Whiteboard Campaign Celebrates Success
It’s Quiz Time!
Spring 2018
Take Your Best Shot(s)
Studying ‘Abroad’ in D.C.
What to Do When Your Student Is Struggling
An Invitation to All
Faith Development Opportunities Abound
It’s Quiz Time!
Fall 2017
St. Norbert Inside and Out
Eating Disorders: What Every Parent Needs to Know
Relationship Know-How for Roommates
Campus Still Lively in January
Photo Gallery: SNC Day/Family Weekend
It’s Quiz Time!
Summer 2017
A Move-In Day Itinerary
New School Year, New President
Your SNC Bucket List
What’s New on Campus
Research at the Library? Yep! It’s Not Passé
It’s Quiz Time!
Spring 2017
Advisors Do More Than Help Pick Classes
A Heartfelt Farewell
Sexual Health Always A Priority
Applying for Scholarships Can Yield Big Dividends
Summer Is for School
It’s Quiz Time!
Fall 2016
It's a Balancing  Act
Introducing Chrystal Woller
A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way
New Education Partnership With UW Oshkosh
Photo Gallery: Fall on the SNC Campus
It's Quiz Time
Summer 2016
Five New Things on Campus
Welcome (and Welcome Back!) to St. Norbert
Becoming an SNC Parent
The Life and Times of an SNC RA
New Options for Studying Abroad
Quiz Time! 
Spring 2016
Affordable St. Norbert
Nine Things You Don’t Know About This Year’s Commencement Speaker
Commencement Al Fresco
Planning for the Future Starts Now
Service Work Isn't Just for Undergrads
It’s Quiz Time!
Fall 2015
A Fond, Two-Year Farewell
The Social Life
Junior Knights & Days: Not Just for Students
Is Your Student Engaged?
Journeying Through J-Term
Summer 2015
Welcome to SNC!
The Bennies of Our Student Groups
There's No Place Like Home
The Unsung Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education
Spring 2015
Creating Internship Opportunities
From Laptops to “Cloud” Tools
SNC Task Force Tackles Nationwide Issue of Campus Drinking
Top Tips for Commencement
Sí, Oui, Ja: Studying Abroad Is a Positive Experience
Winter 2014
The Dos and Don’ts of Final Exam Season
Warm Winter Thoughts 
Prepare for Sniffle Season
SNC’s New Title IX Initiative
Family Weekend/SNC Day Photo Gallery                                                                                               
Summer 2014
Top Dorm-Room Necessities
A Warm Welcome From the President
Clicking With a New Roommate
New Bikes Help Students Get Around
Making the Most of Family Weekend
New Proxy Access and E-Billing
Spring 2014
President’s Corner
Keeping up With Campus Technology
LiveSafe Campus Safety App
Senior Reflection
Parents’ Perspective
Faculty Profile
Fall 2013
Happening Around Campus
An important Resource for Student Success
Car Share Program
11 Things to Say to Your Student
St. Norbert Times
Summer 2013 
A Warm Welcome – and an Invitation – from President Kunkel
Parent Directory 
Fall Move-in Information
Getting Excited for the Week of Welcome
Athletes and Academics: A Parent’s View
Study Abroad 101 … For Parents!
Updated Drug and Alcohol Policies
Spring 2013
A Note from the President
Class of 2013 Commencement 
Direct Deposits for Student Employees
Financial Aid Awards
Summer 2012
Greetings from President Kunkel
Staying connected (but not too connected)!
Come join us for 2012 Family Weekend and SNC Day!
First stop, Italy!
The importance of internships
Winter 2012
Greetings from President Kunkel
Campaign St. Norbert : Full Ahead
Keeping up with College Health
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