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St. Norbert Graduates Quick to Land Jobs, Enter Grad School

A college education is valuable for innumerable reasons. Top among them, of course, is that it leads to a good job, a spot in graduate school or another life goal.

At St. Norbert, 96 percent of graduates have jobs or are in grad school within one year of graduation, and 93 percent within nine months. Here, three members of the Class of 2018 who are already working or in graduate school share some reasons behind their success.

Monica Zettel ’18Monica Zettel ’18
Joined Wipfli LLP as a staff accountant, Summer 2018

As a freshman, I knew I wanted to go into accounting, but I didn’t know what that involved, academically speaking. Professor Haen, my advisor, was a lifesaver. He helped me work out a course schedule that would enable me to graduate on time, even building in the study abroad I wanted to do.

I landed an internship at Kimberly-Clark in Neenah as a sophomore, then interned at Schneider National after my junior year. Kimberly-Clark came to do a presentation at an Accounting Club event, with people from their financial department discussing career paths, and that included someone from the tax department. He said they were hiring interns and left some applications. I filled one out and got accepted. I wouldn’t have found that opportunity without the Accounting Club bringing companies on campus. Every semester, the club also brings in an alumni panel from different industries to discuss career tracks, etc. It’s a great networking opportunity – and a chance for potential employers to put a face with a name.

At Wipfli, the person I interviewed with was an SNC alumna I had met two or three times before at college events. I had also emailed her some questions on one occasion. She said, “I recognized your name and I’m so excited you’re here because I haven’t seen you since you were a sophomore.” That kind of relationship puts you so at ease in an interview, so I would say my networking definitely played a role.

Alex Sage ’18Alex Sage ’18
Entered Kent State University School of Podiatry, Fall 2018

One of the classes I took early on at SNC was a “Life After SNC” honors class. It was tailored to people like me, interested in going to grad school. It familiarized me with the application process, put me through some “practice runs” on admission exams and helped me understand what I had to do throughout my undergraduate career to improve my chances for admission. Really, it provided a road map for getting into a grad program.

References are very important in grad school applications, and I had more than I could use! I had so many close, strong relationships with professors at SNC, and they’re so committed to their students’ success, that I was able to get some excellent recommendations from them. It’s time-consuming for professors, and I’m deeply appreciative of their willingness to put in the effort on my behalf. One of my references was from Father Jim Neilson, whom I never even had for a class. I just had so many conversations and other interactions with him during my time here that I asked him to be a character reference, of sorts – and he gladly agreed. There was also Professor King, Professor Bailey – really, I’ve been so fortunate to have the kinds of teachers and mentors that I had at St. Norbert.

Taylor Kane ’18

Taylor Kane ’18
Joined the merchandising department at Ulta Beauty in Chicago, Summer 2018

I was very career-focused coming into college. I knew being involved on campus would eventually help me land internships and corporate work experiences, so within my first few weeks here, I started to learn about all of the activities I could be involved in. ... As a member of CC Hams, I was at a reunion event and I got talking to an alumna who had just interned for Ulta, and she recommended me to her boss. That’s how I got my internship, and it was a critical “foot in the door” at the company; ultimately it was a very strong selling point when I applied for a full-time job there. All those campus activities I was involved in, especially the leadership ones, gave me an important set of “soft skills” – communication, motivation, leadership, confidence and, especially, teamwork. Those things not only looked good on my résumé, they came through in my interviews, too – and they really set me apart, I think.

Nov. 12, 2018