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Greetings from President Kunkel

Thomas Kunkel, St. Norbert College President

As I write this note, incoming freshmen and their parents are starting to arrive on campus for their official orientations. This is the time when our new students learn more about the campus, their courses of study and our expectations for them – and just as important, their parents learn these things, too.

Of course, for some of you parents, this is old hat. But for many, this is the first son or daughter trotting off to college, and making this orientation journey together helps both student and proud parent deal with the next big step – actually sending that son or daughter off to campus, for real, come August.

The college-selection process is always challenging for you parents. Often as not you have strong opinions about this institution or that one; certainly you’ll have your favorites. You may be looking at graduation rates and your student may be looking at the cafeteria! And you want to be open about sharing these impressions. On the other hand, this is the first important “grownup” decision he or she will make, and it’s crucial that the student be the one making it.

Yet being there matters. Even if students don’t articulate this sentiment, they really do appreciate that you were there for the college trek. You may think your opinion doesn’t carry weight with them, but it does!

As many of you are aware, Deb and I know this from long experience. Fortunately, the last of our four daughters is nearly done with graduate studies, so we won’t have to deal with college move-in rituals until our grandchildren are ready!

I hope you have a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you on campus for Family Weekend!

Thomas Kunkel

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