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News for Parents of St. Norbert College

Mark Your Calendars for Family Weekend and SNC Day 
An experienced St. Norbert parent weighs in on must-do activities for these September highlights.

New School Year Brings New Offerings  
At St. Norbert, we’re always looking for ways to improve student experience. Up for 2018-19: new major, new strings programs, new sports and more. 

A St. Norbert Welcome Means Everyone Pitches In! 
The Rev. Jay Fostner ’84 (Mission and Student Affairs) fills you in on the Bruess Brigade and the Norbertine penchant for hospitality. 

Your Student and Alcohol: Four Tips for Effective Conversations
Communication expert Carol Bruess ’90 offers pointers for discussing this sobering topic with your student.

Volunteer Experience Impacts Life Direction 
Brianna Kelly ’18 took part in an academic service-learning program that brought a surprise new focus to her career path.

Whiteboard Campaign Celebrates Success 
Students can celebrate and publicize their new internships and post-graduate plans in an innovative way.

It’s Quiz Time!
See the results from our Spring 2018 quiz regarding your SNC-themed wardrobe.

Here’s your new question:
Will your student bring a bicycle, car or motorbike to St. Norbert? Take the quiz

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