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The annual theme this year is “Contemplation: Action Begins Within.” See what else is new this year!

New School Year Brings New Offerings

What’s new on campus this year? Lots!

Swimming returns
Students interested in swimming will now be able to pursue that passion at St. Norbert. Men’s swimming and women’s swimming teams are being formed; the season kicks off Oct. 13 with an alumni meet. The teams’ home is the new, state-of-the-art Paul O. and Carol H. Gehl Aquatics Center, part of the Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center that debuted in May 2017. Franco Pacheco is the head coach and aquatics director. He previously worked with athletes at Colorado College, Colby College and Villanova University.

Although St. Norbert didn’t have a pool until last year, the college once offered women’s swimming and diving as varsity sports. Those programs ended in 2009.  

Recruiting for new men’s volleyball team continues
St. Norbert’s new men’s volleyball program will begin in the 2019-20 school year, so recruiting is underway. The head coach is B.J. Bryant, who coached the college’s women’s volleyball team to a 24-4 regular-season record for the past three seasons.

Men’s volleyball is an increasingly popular sport at the NCAA Division III level. The Green Knights will compete in the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference, comprised of 12 colleges and universities in Wisconsin and Illinois. The season typically runs from January through April. This is the college’s 12th men’s sport.

New major: integrative studies
Starting this fall, 26 first-year students are signed up for an introductory course that could lead to a major in integrative studies. The five-year pilot program, intended to be taken as a second major, will allow students to select courses that align with their interests and goals. During the students’ first two years, they will explore different disciplines. Then, working with their advisors, they will select courses for their final two years that they feel will best help them achieve their goals. 

The college currently offers an independent major that is, in some ways, similar to integrative studies. Integrative studies will be a more flexible program and is aimed at blending a traditional liberal arts education with courses and experiences that will enhance employment prospects.

Another 25 students will be accepted into the integrative studies pilot program next fall. 

Annual theme
St. Norbert adopts a new theme for every new school year, and this year’s is Contemplation: Action Begins Within. Contemplative practices and meditation are part of every major world religion and spiritual tradition. When we practice mindfulness, turning our thoughts inward and opening ourselves up to God’s voice, we’re able to discern how God is calling us to live and to help others. 

Students will have the chance to practice various forms of contemplation through school offerings such as Tai Chi at SNC Day, a learning community centered on contemplative practices, prayer services and more.

New abbot
There’s a new abbot in town: the Rt. Rev. Dane Radecki ’72. Radecki, the Norbertine community’s seventh abbot, was elected by his peers in April. Noted for his organizational and administrative skills, one of his goals will be to prepare younger members to fill positions that will be vacated by community members nearing retirement. He will also work to increase vocations, possibly by offering interested men a live-in experience to help them with the discernment process. Students may spot the abbot on campus at the Mass of the Holy Spirit, celebrated during the first week of school to invoke the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom for the coming academic year; at the Baccalaureate Mass in May; or at other campus events.

Music department begins string ensemble, guitar lessons
Last spring, SNC added a one-credit string ensemble, fulfilling a long-standing wish of the music faculty. A dozen students participated in the inaugural group, which performed at the college’s chamber music concert. 

The college also began offering guitar instruction last spring, the result of student demand. More than two dozen students signed up for the first class, with many more interested in registering. The music department plans to offer both class and individual guitar lessons in the future.

Domains of One’s Own
The college’s new Knight Domains program allows any student, faculty or staff member with an SNC email to create and maintain their own free hosted web space. Part of Domain of One’s Own, a global education initiative, the program serves as an introduction to developing digital literacy and a digital identity, and aims to foster technical skills. The school’s Tech Bar is available to help create the sites. 

Aug. 16, 2018