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Parents participating in the new SNC Parents' Facebook group are sharing information and giving advice on everything from dorm-room arrangements to book-buying.

Parents’ Facebook Group a Popular New Addition

The SNC Parents’ Facebook group is only a few months old, but its popularity and spark continue to grow. This supportive community is intended to help parents support their students as they move into adult independence. 

The group now has more than 950 members, including faculty and staff who have students at St. Norbert. Here, two parents active in the group talk about why every parent should be a member.

Anne Danen ’82 is the mother of Patrick Danen ’22 and is one of the Facebook group’s administrators. Her husband, Todd Danen ’77, is the college’s advancement relations manager. Lynn Gregory ’90 is married to James Gregory ’95 and is the mother of Jonathan Gregory ’19 and Sarah Gregory ’23. She also has been a member of some Summer Orientation parent panels. The women shared their thoughts last month, shortly before students arrived on campus.

DANEN: There’s so much I like about this Facebook group. Parents of current and future SNC students can connect with each other, share valuable insights, keep up to date on things happening on campus, get answers to questions and share experiences. I didn’t realize how valuable this new group would be.

GREGORY: During the Summer Orientation parent panel, parents don’t always know what questions to ask, or they think of questions after the session is over. So the Facebook group is another vehicle to help answer questions. Here are just a few of the things that came up today: “Are the dorms air conditioned? How are the classrooms being set up? What couch sizes will fit in the dorms? Are the desks stationary or mobile? Do the students like half-lofts or full lofts?” Parents are getting a lot of information from a lot of different sources, so this is a good place to double-check what’s really accurate or not.

DANEN: When the Facebook group debuted last spring, parents of incoming first-year students introduced their students to the group and it was really interesting. The parents found connections with other students who might be in the same dorm or area of study as their student. Sometimes they went on to introduce their students to one another.

GREGORY: I’m learning a lot of things, too. There was a long conversation about book-buying – when to buy from the college, when to look elsewhere, renting books, buying used versus new, etc. I learned where to find your list of books and all sorts of stuff. The biggest thing I have to re-learn is financial aid.

DANEN: Some of our warm-weather parents have asked about the kinds of clothes to wear in cold weather and about driving in snow. Others asked what J-term is. Some laughed together about imagining their students doing laundry or cleaning the toilet for the first time.

GREGORY: One interesting question was about commuter students. Outside of a backpack, what do they really need?

DANEN: As a local in De Pere, I sometimes post local TV or newspaper stories about the college, or things on Twitter. Recently, I posted photos of the campus and invited parents to join together in prayer for the safety of our students, faculty and staff this coming school year. It’s also been great to see local parents reach out to the parents of first-years who are worried about their student being homesick. Some local parents have offered to drop by and see how their student is doing or to bring them things.

GREGORY: I encourage every parent to join the group. This group really empowers parents by giving them information to help support their students. And the parents of current students and alumni are genuinely excited to welcome new SNC parents to the college, knowing what a wonderful experience it will be for their student.

Sept. 10, 2020