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Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead

Dear Parents,

An exciting initiative at St. Norbert College has just had its public debut. I’m talking about Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead, a comprehensive fundraising campaign involving many, many members of the St. Norbert College community in our pursuit of President Tom Kunkel’s vision of excellence for SNC.

When completed in 2016, our campaign will see the transformation of our current science building into a center for twenty-first century science education. We will have raised more than $20 million in new scholarships and $15 million in new funds for academic programs, including endowed professorships and support for study abroad and our Honors Program. We will have more fully funded the total St. Norbert student experience in programs like the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning. And we’ll have transformed more facilities like Dudley Birder Hall and the Cassandra Voss Center.

As we continue to communicate with you about the campaign, we hope you will share your thoughts about what makes St. Norbert special to you. Tell us why your son or daughter has chosen to attend SNC, and what they – and you – treasure most about the experience. Tell us your own hopes for St. Norbert’s future. Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead is for everyone who shares a vision of a greater St. Norbert College; we want you to be a part of it.

Phil Oswald
Vice President for College Advancement

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