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St. Norbert College Parish has two primary facilities: Old St. Joseph Church and Todd Wehr Hall.

Parish Offices 
The parish offices are located in Todd Wehr Hall M22. The pastoral leader is located in TWH 112.

Old St. Joseph Church 
Old St. Joe’s Church is the place our community gathers for worship and sacramental celebrations. In addition to the church proper, Old St. Joseph also includes:
  1. The Oratory/Blessed Sacrament Chapel 
    Here, the Norbertine community gathers daily for morning and evening prayer. Members of the college community are welcome to join them in prayer. In addition, the oratory can be used by student prayer groups and is available throughout the day or early evening for private prayer and meditation.
  2. Parlor, Kitchen and Classroom 
    These facilities are available for a variety of prayer or reflection groups. To reserve any portion of the Old St. Joseph facility, please contact the parish office at 920-403-3010.
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