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Finance Council and Bookkeeping Best Practices

A Message from the Finance Council
As a tithing parish, (Proverbs 3: 9-10) we strive to give more than 10 percent of our parish revenue to outreach programs supported by our parish. How can we continue to meet this tithing goal? Our current budget calls for an average of $800 of parish support per unit. Last year, 34 percent of our parishioners exceeded this goal. Unfortunately, numbers show that 200 units, or nearly 50 percent of our units, contributed $100 or less to support of our parish. If you are financially able, we are asking you to reflect/pray/consider contributing to the support of our parish. As a nonprofit, our prayer and work is to have a balanced budget that is focused on four areas, which are visible through our website; community care and outreach, worship and liturgy, religious education and faith formation, and parish operations.

Finance Council Members 

Tom Brawner

Cody Craig, Chair

Doug Daul

Rita Dufour

Lisa Vanden Avond

Bill Van Ess

Dave White

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