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Ecumenical Partnership for Housing (EPH)

An estimated 60 percent of homeless people in Green Bay are families with children. Recent reports suggest that the number of homeless children in the area exceeds 1,000. Few local facilities can accommodate the unique needs of sheltering families, so families with children remain significantly underserved. Our parish is one of many local churches who have stepped up to serve the need.

About Ecumenical Partnership for Housing
Ecumenical Partnership for Housing (EPH) is a volunteer-based organization that is a partnership of 19 area churches. The organization offers transitional and long-term supportive housing to homeless and at-risk-of-homelessness families. EPH also has a Prevention Program, working with families before they are evicted and thereby avoiding the trauma of homelessness. This grass roots organization provides safe and nurturing environments, case management, budget counseling, and other resources needed to forge a positive path toward personal and familial stability. The program’s success relies entirely on the generosity of people sharing their time and financial resources to help support these families because EPH receives no public funding.

Currently, EPH owns 35 homes dedicated to serving the most marginalized families in the Green Bay area. These homes are usually full with 20 to 30 families consistently on the waiting list. Each participating congregation is responsible for cleaning and repairing (minor repairs) its respective home after a family moves out and before another family moves in. The changeover time is rather short, thus prompt volunteer response is important. Family changeover rates vary. The average family stays between nine to 12 months depending upon the progress made and the ability to obtain permanent housing.

Volunteer Opportunities
St. Norbert College Parish is responsible for an upper-level three-bedroom apartment called Upper Isaiah.

General parish volunteer roles include the following:

  • Cleans apartment after family has moved out (approximately 1-2 times/year)
  • Assists with collecting items to stock pantry before a new family moves in (approximately 1-2 times/year)
  • Assists with welcome meal (approximately 1-2 times/year)
  • Assists with minor repairs and renovation (approximately 1-2 times/year)
  • Assists with yard care (mowing, shoveling snow and raking) 

General EPH volunteer opportunities include:

  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Volunteering for EPH committee involvement
  • Assisting with cleaning/repairs at other EPH homes

Time Commitment
Periodic and random with the exception of the parish EPH leadership team. Volunteer meetings are conducted one or two times per year.

Get Involved
If you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information, please contact:

Tracie Roberts
Contact parish office at 920-403-3010

Judy Turba

Jerry Turba


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