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Requesting Support

St. Norbert College Parish provides support for ministries that are in alignment with our vision and mission. As a tithing parish, we commit a certain pertcentage of our parish offertory towar outreach ministries. The application is outlined below. If you are requesting money, material goods and/or volunteers to support nonprofit ministries, review the overview of each application type. Only submit one type of application. Contact the parish office if you have questions. 

ASK Application
St. Norbert College Parish has an application process for access to money, material goods and volunteers to support nonprofit ministries. Examples of ASK applications include:

  • financial support - such as free will donations such as CRS Rice Bowl, Hurricane Relief, Baby Bottle Collection or a photo with Santa for free will offering, or a specific amount of money such as $1000 for Dance Marathon, etc.
  • material support - such as a clothing drive for the St. John's Homeless Shelter or food supplies, etc.
  • labor support - volunteers to help with a project such as installing a sidewalk for a volunteer home, cleaning an EPH house, etc. 

One of our goals is to improve our ability to serve while minimizing the number of ASKS or second collections within the parish community that has gathered to worship.

The Committee will review ASK applications once per month or if the pastoral leader sees an exceptional need. Priority will be given to: 

  • Groups that are members.
  • Efforts that relate to Catholic social teaching.
  • The greatest opportunities to involve the most number of students or parish members.

Funding requests should be made 30 days in advance of need. the requestor may be asked to meet in person with the ASK Committee.


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