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Request Care or Outreach From the Parish

Is someone you know in need of prayers or other support? Or, are you in need? We want to help. Please share the names and contact information of someone – including yourself – who might appreciate support at this time.

Care or Outreach Request Form
Your name:
*Name of person in need of prayers or support:
*Email address or phone number of the person: 
*Type of request:   Pray for this person.
 Support this person with a meal.
 Send a prayer card with a note of support to this person.
 Arrange a home, hospital or residential care visit to this person.
 Provide a prayer shawl to this person.
 Offer transportation to and from Mass and parish functions to this person.

If you have questions or additional requests, please contact the parish office at 920-403-3010 or
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