Students passionate about mending our world develop the tools they need to do so in our interdisciplinary peace and justice program.

Wisconsin Peace & Conflict Studies Research Paper Awards

Each year, the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies organizes a conference inviting students from Wisconsin and other states to conduct research and present their papers. Each year, St. Norbert College sends a number of students to present their research, and throughout the years the following students received awards for their papers:

Kaylee Beck and Rachel Schindler, Towards Universal Education and Improved Maternal Health: Interrelated Millennium Development Goals 
Majors: French and international studies, peace and justice minor (Beck), psychology (Schindler)

Michael Gradus, The Rise of Islam in Turkish Politics and National Identity
Major: International studies and political science

Adi Redzic, Nation Above Nations: Serbian Nationalism and the Role of Language and Religion in the Disintegration of the Former Yugoslavia 
Major: International studies and political Science

Maria Van Hoorn, A Comprehensive Analysis of the Nongovernmental Organizations in the Kaukuma Refugee Camp Advocating for Human Rights
Major: International studies

Anthony Shimek, Strategic Differences in Counter Child Labor Programs: SCREAM, PROGRESSA, and UNICEF Corporate Partnership: IKEA
Major: International studies

Elizabeth Weigel, Mexican Maquiladoras and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women: Has CEDAW Been Successfully Implemented?   
Major: International studies

Jessica Bourke, The Impact of Christian Missionaries on West African Women: An Expression of Religious Syncretism and Adaptation 
Major: Political science

Geoffrey Bromaghim, Petroleum and Indigenous Peoples: Marginalization and Value Differences
Major: International studies

Jill Drzewiecki, The Role of NGO’s on Street Children in Colombia  
Major: International studies