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Peace & Justice Minor Requirements

(24 credits)

It is strongly encouraged that at least one course taken in the minor carry a community engagement designation (CENG).
  • PEAC 200 Introduction to Peace and Justice
  • PEAC 400 Capstone in Peace and Justice
Students must take four courses from the following list of approved courses. To preserve the interdisciplinary nature of the minor, no more than two courses may be taken from any one discipline.
  • ECON 357 Economics of Globalization
  • ENVS 300 Environmental Science
  • HIST 322 American Immigration and Ethnic History
  • HIST 324 Poverty, Charity and Welfare in American History
  • HIST 335 Women and Work
  • HIST 340 Israel/Palestine: The Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • HIST 344 Colonialism in Africa Through the Novel
  • HIST 345 Slavery in World History
  • HIST 351 Women, Gender and Imperialism
  • PEAC 266 Human Rights and Responsibilities
  • PHIL 282 Law, Morality and Punishment
  • PHIL 315 Ethics
  • POLI 348 Environmental Politics
  • POLI 362 Globalization and the Developing World in the 21st Century
  • SOCI 228 Corrections in American Society
  • SOCI 250 Immigration and Migration in the United States
  • SOCI 344 Social Movements
  • SOCI 346 Intersections of Privilege
  • SSCI 301 Environment and Society
  • SSCI 408 Social Inequalities: Race and Minority Relations
  • THRS 318 Feminist Theology
  • THRS 331 Judaism and Christianity: The Holocaust
  • THRS 333 Christian Ethics
  • THRS 340 World Religions in Dialogue
  • THRS 343 Prophet and Savior: Muslim and Christian Theologies in Dialogue
  • WMGS 360 Feminist Theory
With approval of a peace and justice advisor, one of the following may be taken:
  • PEAC 389 Special Topics
  • PEAC 490 Independent Study
  • PEAC 494 Internship
Students wishing to fulfill a minor requirement with a course not listed here must have approval of the peace and justice minor program director.
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