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Political Science Major Requirements

Political Science Major

(40 credits)

All majors are required to complete four required courses and a zero-credit senior assessment requirement.

  • POLI 130 United States Politics and Government or POLI 131 American Multicultural Politics
  • POLI 150 Introduction to International Studies
  • POLI 200 Research Methodology and Techniques
  • POLI 499 Political Science Senior Assessment (0 credit)
  • SSCI 224 Basic Statistics

Students are advised to take POLI 130 US Politics and Government or POL 131 American Multicultural Politics and POLI/INTL 150 Intro to International Studies in their first year. POLI 200 Research Methods and SSCI 224 Basic Statistics should be taken in the sophomore year. 

In addition, all majors must complete six POLI courses at or above the 200 level. Students may elect to focus on a particular area of political science (international affairs, American politics, or policy/public administration). Students may do this informally and students should consult with their advisors concerning the construction of an appropriate curriculum for completion of the major.

Elective Courses 

  • POLI 231 State and Local Politics
  • POLI 232 Red State, Blue State: American Political Polarization
  • POLI 237 Courts and Justice in the U.S.
  • POLI 248 Trial Advocacy (2 credits)
  • POLI 249 Mock Trial
  • POLI 310 Fascism and Socialism
  • POLI 316 Modern Political Thought
  • POLI 317 American Political Thought
  • POLI 329 Political Communications
  • POLI 332 Political Parties and Elections
  • POLI 333 American Conspiracy Theories
  • POLI 335 Congressional Politics
  • POLI 336 The U.S Presidency and Executive Leadership
  • POLI 338 Introduction to Public Administration
  • POLI 341 Constitutional Law: Institutional Powers
  • POLI 342 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights/Liberties
  • POLI 343 Administrative Law and Politics
  • POLI 346 Policy Analysis
  • POLI 348 U.S. Environmental Politics
  • POLI 349 Global Environmental Politics
  • POLI 350 International Relations
  • POLI 352 Conceptions of Human Rights
  • POLI 353 United States Foreign Policy
  • POLI 355 International Organizations
  • POLI 362 Globalization and the Developing World in the 21st Century
  • POLI 368 Latin American Politics Through Film, Art, Poetry and Music
  • POLI 410 Global Political Extremism
  • POLI 450 The United Nations Seminar
  • POLI 389/ POLI 489 Special Topics courses
  • POLI 400 United Nations Seminar
  • POLI 405 Political Psychology
  • POLI 410 Global Political Extremism
  • POLI 490 Independent Study
  • POLI 492 Directed Research
  • POLI 494 Internship

Students are advised to take POLI 130 and POLI 150 as first-years, and POLI 200 and SSCI 224 as sophomores.

Students are encouraged to attend the Washington Semester, Washington Media Institute and/or study abroad

Please visit the Center for Global Engagement website for more information on all these programs.

*Trial Advocacy and Mock Trial may be repeated for credit toward general course credits, but may not be repeated for credit toward the major, minors, or the American Politics concentration.

Political Science Teaching Major

(40 credits)

The teaching major for secondary certification requires the same courses as the political science major.

Note: See Education for certification requirements. 

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