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More Than Numbers – Student Flourishing at SNC

We are eager to see our students continue to flourish, completing their education with a sense of purpose and hope. More Than Numbers (MTN) is a campus-wide initiative to help our students do that. This work is done with the guidance and partnership of Credo.

About the Initiative
We recognize the changing landscape of higher education and seek to respond more fully to our students’ needs by:

  • Acknowledging the complex and diverse needs of iGen/GenZ
  • Grappling with financial challenges and uncertainty
  • Offering innovative campus responses to student needs
  • Collaborating across campus on improvements that unify the student experience

The work is largely completed through four modules, with college-wide and diverse membership. Each module is connected directly to student success, considering the realities of their lived experiences. Teams will look to students to gain insights and hear feedback throughout.

Goals of More Than Numbers
At the end of two years of focused work, our campus will have enhanced the ways we support student flourishing to improve student retention by:

  • Igniting a sense of healthy urgency to galvanize and rally the campus
  • Promoting a comprehensive framework and campus-wide approach to advance student retention, achievement and thriving
  • Reviewing programs and services to adopt contemporary high-impact practices
  • Reimagining and expanding student learning inside and outside the classroom
  • Clarifying campus priorities and leveraging the strategic plan to promote aligned, integrated and sustainable student-success initiatives
  • Embedding data-driven decision-making to serve students
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