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More Than Numbers Timeline

Spring 2019

✔ Introduced campus to initiative 
✔ Credo consultants collected SNC data and met with a broad range of colleagues to determine topics to explore
✔ Campus leaders, in conversation with more than 20 colleagues from across the institution, determined four areas of focused work in modules, along with a number of “early win” initiatives that needed attention and could be handled more expediently than a full module effort.

Summer 2019

✔ Early win topics worked on by appropriate colleagues/teams
✔ After discussion within academic leadership, initiative and module names/framing were revised by a group representing multiple college divisions
✔ Call for participation sent to faculty and staff

Academic Year 2019-20

✔ Module members and leaders identified
✔ Module leader training
✔ Launch of the four modules with intensive onboarding and commencement of work
✔ Co-chairs meet with president and sponsors to share update on module engagement with roadmaps
• Module teams identify initial priorities
• Equity, diversity and inclusion threading team identified and convened
• Module team representatives trained by OIE colleagues in data utilization
• Module teams work on first steps (such as focus groups, proposal development or piloting events)
• Ongoing connection with Credo

Summer 2020

• Module teams continue working - building on efforts from spring 2020 and preparing for work to commence in academic year 2020 - 2021
• Ongoing connection with Credo

Academic Year 2020-21

• Implementation and ongoing development
• As the year winds down, module efforts integrated into fabric of campus life
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