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Student Employment Opportunities

To obtain a better understanding of the SNC student employment program and application process, please take a few minutes and read through the student employment process web page.

Academic Tutor — Academic Support Services

Have a cumulative SNC GPA of 3.0 or above
Excellent knowledge of the subject and mastery of the required skills
Ability to explain information clearly
Fluency in English with clear pronunciation
Effective personal time management
Good interpersonal skills
Desire to assist peers
Professor's recommendation

Establish a reliable phone system
Contact assigned students promptly
Develop a regular, weekly schedule with assigned students
Read college e-mail regularly and respond promptly
Prepare for tutoring sessions
Assist students with effective study strategies
Maintain tutor records and turn them in bi-weekly
Attend tutor meetings & training
Actively work towards Certification

How To Apply:
Submit a completed Tutor Application with faculty support for each area you wish to tutor. Forms are available on our web page.

Provide a copy of your grades [knightline is fine] of your grade report]

Interview with Carole Basak (call 403-1321 for an appointment)

For more information, visit this web page