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SNC Radio


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SNC Radio is a diverse and unified group of students, upholding
the strengths of our campus, while simultaneously utilizing the
freedom of expression to accomplish our goals. We take pride in
preserving the integrity of professionals and fostering respect for
ourselves and each other, in and outside of the station. With a
diverse lineup of shows covering numerous aspects of our
evolving lives, our station is gaining momentum and reaching out
to new audiences each semester.

We have progressed as SNC Radio management keeps the station
accessible only to our trained DJs. Security is one reason for this
call, but most importantly, it is because we are proud of what
we've done. Our members take pride in being a part of SNC Radio
and everything it has come to symbolize for us. We are proud to
say our group is a small, compassionate organization, composed of
bright-minded individuals. Protecting and building on this
investment of ourselves and our lives is essential to our being and
to the positive development of St. Norbert College.

Together, we are SNC Radio.