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Donation Box Approval Process

St. Norbert College supports student groups and departments in their efforts to collect items to donate to community organizations in need. To ensure that efforts are successful, both on-campus and for community partners, the following procedures have been established. 

Steps to Take
  1. Determine a community partner, reach out to them and ask if you can assist by hosting a donation drive. If so, ask what they most need for donations. Some community partners maintain "wish lists," which can be found here. If you are considering coordinating a food drive on campus use the Food Drive Toolkit to promote your drive and provide healthy and nutritious food to those in need throughout Brown County. 

  2. Complete the Donation Box Registration Form.

  3. The donation box needs to be labeled in accordance with the Posting Policy. An approved "poster" with information on the nature of the drive, the benefiting organization, the sponsoring organization, and a contact MUST be attached to each box. Be sure to follow the Campus Poster Approval Process

  4. Consult the approved location list:

    1. Approved locations

      • Campus Center - by the lobby bulletin board

      • Cofrin Hall - first floor by the elevator

      • Boyle Hall - first floor under the main bulletin board

      • Todd Wehr Hall - first floor by the elevator or by the Information Desk

    2. The following locations need to be approved on a case by case basis

      1. Mulva Library - contact the library

      2. Michels Commons - contact Matt Jackson

      3. Residence Halls - must have Hall Director/Hall Coordinator approval for each approved area

        • Bergstrom: 1st Floor Lounge

        • Burke: Colonial Lounge

        • Madelaine/Lorraine: Main Lobby

        • Michels: Main Lobby

        • MMM: Main Lobby

        • Sensenbrenner: Basement Recreation Room

        • VMC: North East Entrance

        • Upper class areas:

          • College Houses: None

          • Doksany: Dining Room Area

          • Gries: First Floor Lounge

          • Hugh Hall: Living Room Lounge

          • Premontre: First Floor near bulletin board

          • Roggenburg: Dining Room Area

          • St. Joseph: North Entrance

          • Carriage House: First floor South East Entrance (courtyard)

          • Townhouses: See Carriage House location

          • Xanten: First floor near bulletin board

    3. The following locations do NOT allow donation box placement

      • Main Hall

      • Cassandra Voss Center

      • Bemis

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