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The Center for Exceptional Leadership is located within the Schneider School, housed in Cofrin Hall.

Center for Exceptional Leadership Launches at St. Norbert College

Businesses need great leaders if their companies are to grow and flourish. And they need to create these great leaders by carefully honing the skills and strengths of talented individuals. St. Norbert is now poised to help regional companies do just this through its new Center for Exceptional Leadership (CEL), part of the Donald J. Schneider School of Business & Economics.

The center is the brainchild of Tom Wiltzius, head of Envision Performance Solutions and CEL’s executive director. Wiltzius came up with the idea after hearing numerous regional business executives bemoan the lack of leadership development opportunities. Programming was developed with the active participation of dozens of businesses.

The CEL program, aimed at assisting both seasoned and emerging leaders, requires participants to first undergo an initial leadership development assessment. The assessment is conducted by a CEL coach and consists of an interview and various surveys. Results of the assessment outline a participant’s strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs.

From there, participants may go through an intense, four-day immersion program to shape their leadership development plan. After that, they can elect to participate in a year-long program – either individually, with a cohort of up to 12 peers, or a little of both – that focuses on issues such as communication and listening, diversity and inclusion, motivating and influencing, and serving. One-on-one mentoring with area senior executives is also possible. 

The program’s first participants arrived on campus Jan. 23, after completing the initial assessment and four-day immersion program. Seven or eight plan to continue on with the year-long cohort, which begins Feb. 20. “The cohort is a great opportunity for leaders to network and grow within a safe community,” says Angela Marshalek, CEL director of services. “They can bounce ideas back and forth in a way they wouldn’t normally do, challenge each other and then take what they’ve learned back to their organizations.”

In addition to assisting with leadership development, the CEL program focuses on developing a future leader’s personal character, ethics and integrity by helping participants focus on their personal values and voices, and how those align with their company’s culture. 

For more information on the Center for Exceptional Leadership at St. Norbert College, contact Angela Marshalek at 920-403-3402 or angela.marshalek@snc.edu.


Jan. 30, 2017