In addition to building confidence and intuition, theatre students develop a deep awareness of history, politics, philosophy, art and human nature.

Theatre Studies Course Offerings

THEA 101 Introduction to Live Performance – GS5 C-EI
This course introduces students to first identify, describe and analyze various ways in which they encounter live performance in their daily lives (sporting events, church attendance, school assignments, party games, rock concerts, etc.) in order to begin to understand and develop standards of criticism. Additionally, basic theatrical forms will be introduced as a way of describing and expanding students’ awareness of how live performance influences recorded media.

THEA 102 Creation of Sign and Symbol – GS5 C-EI
This course is an introduction to both the process of creating symbolism as well as critically analyzing how signs and symbols are used in our culture. Students will learn to evaluate, on both a visual and intellectual level, how we use imagery to create ideas and convey messages through the use of visual media.

THEA 201 Design for Performance
This course is a practical studio course that, utilizing a broad definition of performance, covers the fundamentals of three-dimensional design in space and time. Covers research, concepting and presentation of design solutions. Will deal with scenic, clothing, light and sound as elements of performance. Prerequisites: THEA 101 and THEA 102.

THEA 232 Basic Acting
This course will deal with the fundamentals of acting. Techniques for developing self-awareness, imagination, observation, concentration and sensory recall will comprise the basic approach. Employment of voice and body in developing characterization will also be studied.

THEA 237 History of Clothing and Fashion – GS 5 EI
This class is a survey of the history of clothing and its relationship to culture and society. It will familiarize the student with the period styles from pre-historical to modern times and how these styles are a reflection of individual communication and cultural expression.

THEA 301 Technical Theatre
This course is an introduction to the practical skills that go into the creation of theatre with a focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of production. It will cover information on costume and scenery construction, implementation of lighting and sound designs, properties collection and creation, scene painting and finishing, and the application of makeup for the stage. This course is both theoretical as well as practical and will require participation in the theatre program’s production laboratory.

THEA 333 Directing
A course in the fundamentals of script analysis, blocking and interpretation. An investigation of the director’s role as artist and coordinator augmented by practical directing lab assignments. Prerequisites: THEA 101 and THEA 102.

THEA 335 Advanced Acting
A continuation, in depth, of the elements covered in THEA 232 with special emphasis on role study and interpretation. Prerequisite: THEA 232.

THEA 336 Theatre History – GS10
This course is a survey of the major periods in theatre from the Golden Age of Greece to the beginning of the modern era in the late 19th century. It explores aesthetic movements, significant personalities and artistic styles along with their interaction with the political, social and philosophical realities of the times.

THEA 337 Contemporary Theatre – GS10 C-WT
This course is a study of dramatic literature and theater practice in 20th- and 21st- century Western civilization. The course explores aesthetic movements, significant personalities and artistic styles along with their interaction with the political, social, economic and philosophical realities of their specific cultures.

THEA 389 Special Topics in Theatre Studies
This course concentrates on a topic pertaining to the current needs and interests of faculty and students. The topics covered will vary from semester to semester and will be announced in the course listings whenever the course is offered.

THEA 490 Independent Study
A course allowing staff and students to explore together topics of special interest.

THEA 494 Internship
This internship experience allows students to apply their studies in a supervised work situation. Students benefit from an inside look at different kinds of organizations, a chance to work in their field of study, and gain experience using state-of-the-art equipment and practices. Junior or senior standing.

Performance and Production (P/P) Labs

One purpose of the P/P labs is to employ the unique opportunity of working on productions to advance the synthesis of theory and practice. The P/P labs also give students the opportunity to experience the creation of theatre holistically and in a critically self-reflective manner. The process of producing theatre can too often induce students to jump into production without the ability to discuss the process or learn from others. Students are mentored during this process, requiring a formalized class structure in order to frame their experience as a learning tool. All student members of any theatre production will be required to enroll in a P/P lab as a class. The levels for the P/P labs are:

THEA 250
Stage and house manager, props master, master electrician, scenic artist, costume manager, medium-size roles. All production running crews and small acting roles. (two credits)

THEA 450
Costume/scenic/light/sound design, major roles, directing (four credits). This segment is comparable to a senior capstone.

All students involved in the fall or spring production will meet once a week to discuss any issues pertinent to the whole company. The various groups will then break off into their respective areas for specific work. One professor will teach the design and tech students and another professor will teach actors, stage and house managers.