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Any member of the St. Norbert College community may report gender-based misconduct or sexual harassment by sharing what happened with their supervisor or faculty advisor. Alternatively, any person is welcome to make a report with Campus Safety. Making a report is NOT the same as filing a complaint. Reporting an incident simply means that someone has shared the information with a St. Norbert College employee (may be a supervisor, faculty member or Campus Safety).  Filing a complaint means that the victim/survivor of the unwanted experience has elected to have the college investigate and hear the case through the college's student conduct process or through the employee grievance procedure.

All employees (including faculty, staff, and student workers) are required to disclose reports made to them and report any knowledge of Title IX concerns as part of their responsibility. In most cases, if the victim/survivor chooses not to engage in the college's due process (participate in the investigation and hearing), the college will be able to honor their decision. However, in a small number of situations, specific actions or an investigation may be necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of the college community.  Even when an investigation is deemed necessary, victims/survivors will never be required to participate.  

We encourage all faculty and staff to disclose their reporting obligations when a student or a colleague begins to confide in you and remind the student or colleague of the resources on campus. Resources on campus that provide confidentiality and anonymity include: Counseling and Psychological ServicesHealth and Wellness Services, campus clergy and resource advisors.  These professionals do not share information for Clery reporting.  However, summary information may be gathered for institutional use in further refining our efforts.

When individuals seek confidentiality and anonymity, he or she should make sure to contact:

St. Norbert College Campus Confidential Resources
Counseling and Psychological Professionals

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Call the office number after hours to get 
in touch with a counselor.


Health and Wellness Professionals 

(Available to all students, and benefit eligible employees)

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Ordained Clergy 

Calls will be directed to the specific individual with whom one wishes to speak. 

Title IX Resources Advisor  Ask to speak with the Resource Advisor. 920-403-3011

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