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wharf Community Living

Your group of 10-12 students is your new family for a week.  As a group you will share responsibility for travel, meals, learning, serving, free time and a project when you return.  As you might imagine, you will get to know these people quite well!

Live simply
What does this mean?  This is something your group needs to determine.  It is reflected in your housing, free time, spending money, use of cell phones, televisions, and computers, what you wear and eat.  Your group should define this together when setting trip expectations.  Helpful questions to consider are:

  • What is a need versus a want? 
  • Which choices will help us achieve our trip goals, increase our understanding of the people we meet, and enhance the quality of our experience? 
  • Am I willing to experiment with these choices for just a week?

You will most likely live in housing that includes sleeping quarters, a shower and a kitchen area.  Trip participants have stayed in churches, schools, gyms, cabins, dorms and houses.  Living conditions are simple!  You will receive details about your housing and emergency contact information from your Trip Leaders.

What to bring
What to bring is also very simple. Pack lightly! Definitely bring:

  • Sleeping bag/bedding,
  • pillow,
  • towel,
  • toiletries,
  • no more than $50 (less is recommended) spending money,
  • clothing appropriate to your work site, and
  • photo ID.

Optional items to bring include:

  • camera,
  • first aid kit,
  • journal, and
  • reflection materials

Do not bring expensive clothing, jewelry, or valuables.

Alcohol Policy
As part of the community living agreement, using any type of alcohol or other drugs is NOT permitted, even for participants over 21, during any part of the trip experience.  (You will sign a contract agreeing to this prior to acceptance on a trip.)  Past trip leaders have asked for alcohol/drug prohibition policy because it increases the safety for all group members and creates more opportunities for all participants to participate in the trip experiences.

Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service

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