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nycTaking Pictures on Your Trip

If you plan to take pictures, read this!

Although the "organizer Committee" is responsible for making sure 5-10 of your best trip photos go to the TRIPS folder, every one can help!  Digital cameras can be checked out from Media Services in advance.  If you plan to bring a camera, here are some tips that will best help tell your story about your experience.  

Take pictures as early as your first meeting, during the trip and post trip projects.  Get action photos – not staged group photos.

Be aware of the feelings of the people at your trip sites.  Imagine how you would feel if someone took pictures of you, your neighbors and neighborhood to show to their friends.  Ask permission to take their picture, and if you are committed to following through, offer to send them a copy.  (Many people can’t afford the luxury of pictures.)

Transfer copies of your best digital photos on J:/trips/dropbox within two weeks of your return.  We will move these to the TRIPS public folder so your whole group can access them.  We will compile pictures from each trip in a slide show for the spring TRIPS Celebration.




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