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Interdisciplinary Arts Major Requirements

The interdisciplinary arts major is a well-rounded, self-determined course of study for students interested in exploring the interconnectedness between different forms of art. We seek to cultivate artists who are conversant in multiple artistic disciplines and who see joy in the intersection of the arts – an inclusive, rather than exclusive, view of artistic endeavor. Students in this major will be encouraged to create their own customized path through the visual and performing arts, while ensuring individualized instruction from the art, music and theatre studies disciplines. As an interdisciplinary arts major, students will:
  • Become conversant in the interpretations of text in all its forms and gain an understanding of how text affects art.
  • Gain technical proficiency in the aligned disciplines.
  • Discover how the visual and performing arts disciplines are interconnected through history, theory and practice.
  • Understand the process of creation – from initial idea to final project to critique.
  • Recognize their place in society and understand how their creative output has the power to affect their community. 
Interdisciplinary Arts Major

(60 credits)
  • THEA 102 Creation of Sign and Symbol or HUMA 100 Introduction to the Humanities Through the Fine Arts
  • A 100-level course from each art, music and theatre studies (3 courses)
  • A history course from each art, music and theatre studies (3 courses)
  • 3 courses at the 200 level from any discipline in the visual and performing arts
  • 3 courses at the 300 level from any discipline in the visual and performing arts
  • 1 course at the 400 level from any discipline in the visual and performing arts (this can be an existing course, a special topic course or an independent study)
  • A 4-credit senior capstone project
Senior capstone: The senior capstone project, undertaken in the student’s final year at SNC, is a project of significant weight that is the culmination of their studies. The student selects a mentor from the disciplines and two secondary advisors from the faculty who guide the student through the project. Ideally, the capstone is a blending of the three disciplines of the visual and performing arts. The student, their mentor and committee members develop the criteria for capstone success.
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