Faith, Learning & Vocation provides support for members of the St. Norbert community in vocational journeys.

Faculty & Staff Vocational Development

Stories of Calling
Since our program began, Faith, Learning & Vocation has witnessed time and again that our understanding of vocation – how we come to realize and embrace our callings – is deepened and enriched by engaging the call narrative of another person. Each year we present a four-part series led by members of our college and local communities who share the story of calling in their lives. In spring 2016 we welcomed alumna Diane Gaywont and trustee Mike Van Asten as our speakers.

Mentor Workshops
The Faith, Learning and Vocation staff are available to create a personalized workshop for any departmental group who is interested in exploring the concept of mentoring students from a vocation perspective. Past workshop audiences include staff members in student development, residential education and housing, auxiliary services, dining services and conference and event services. Please contact us if your area or group is interested in a workshop that focuses on vocation in a particular area. 



Vocation Perspective

In his piece “Ethical Considerations in Mentoring for Vocation,” Paul Wadell (Religious Studies) shares his thoughts on the vital role of mentoring in vocational development:

“The students we mentor need a witness to their lives and when we agree to mentor them that is the role we undertake. They need people to love them in the wonderful, and sometimes colorful and messy, particularity of their lives, and when we promise to mentor them, that is what we do. And lest they feel bereft and invisible as they navigate their unique journeys through life, they need people willing to recognize them, attend to them, and to help delineate the distinctive gifts and promise of their lives.” 

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