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Alexa Paleka


Advice for writers 
Confident writing takes practice! Just like any other ability, great writers put in the time to become skilled at their craft. Also, become comfortable with the fact that writing is a process. You must learn that there will be multiple drafts and peer reviews of your work no matter how excellent your writing and expertise. Be open to reading, editing, and taking examples from other people’s writing, as well as listening to their suggestions -- you may acquire a new mindset for your writing!

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
I begin an assignment by pouring over the assignment description, pulling out the key requirements, and making a list of them. Then, I create an organized outline of my ideas in detail, making sure to write down my thoughts completely and with clarity so that when I return to them later I am still able to write consistently. Next, I write a complete rough draft, making sure that my argument is present throughout the essay. Finally, I carefully proofread my work and check that the wording accurately expresses the ideas I am trying to convey.

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