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Holly Moede

Junior, Consultant since Fall 2015

Advice for writers
Try not to think of writing as a task that needs to be completed in one sitting. Rather, think of it as a process in which you write your thoughts and then edit your thoughts and repeat these two steps until you produce a paper. I have found that taking a writing assignment one step at a time reduces anxiety and gives me more control when I am feeling stressed about my writing

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
Having established the subject that I intend to write on, I first make an outline that organizes my thoughts into a bulleted list of topics and support for those topics. From there I simply start writing, worrying little about the grammar and the need for this draft to be perfect. This is crucial in the writing process -- after the outline, just get your thoughts down. Then you can move onto editing and analyzing the quality of your paper for the assignment.