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Leah Hennick

Consultant since Fall 2017

Advice for writers 
The best piece of writing advice I can offer anyone I learned from Dr. Risden: find what you like to read and use it to improve the way you write. Ask yourself what makes the works you like to read so enjoyable. Similarly, when you find something you do not enjoy, pause to think about what exactly you didn't like. Then apply those concepts to your own writing. Incorporate the things you enjoy reading in your writing and learn from the mistakes of other writers. Find what works best for you, develop your own personal style, and learn to enjoy writing by creating something you would like to read.

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
The first thing I do when I get a writing assignment is spend some time thinking about the prompt or topic. What is the ultimate goal of this assignment? What am I supposed to show, argue or create? What are all the possible approaches I could take? What part of the assignment is the most interesting to me? What do I want to learn as I research, reflect or create? Is there anything I have already learned that could relate to this? From there, it is much easier to gather information and form a thesis I am interested in and want to write about.

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