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Letty Mundt


Advice for writers 
Don’t think that the only way to bring a piece of writing to fruition is to sit down and crank out as much as possible in one sitting. I find my best writing flows when I take it in smaller pieces, just doing as much as feels right in one day, and stopping when my creative energy begins to fizzle out. If you have a deadline for your writing, start a daily routine well in advance where you work on one section of the piece at a time. This ensures not only that your writing is manageable time-wise, but that you come to it with fresh eyes and a renewed work ethic every day. Writing can be a lot like working out -- you have to pace yourself and find out what routine best serves your stamina.

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
The first thing I do for any assignment is get out a piece of loose-leaf paper and write down every idea for the prompt that comes to mind. From there, I make connections between my thoughts, decide whether or not I have enough evidence to turn those ideas into a thesis with purpose and substance, and if so, I draft my claim and make digital outlines for possible future paragraphs. Then, I gather my evidence in a more official way and revise and extend my thesis and outlines until they're essentially just very rough versions of my actual paragraphs. From there, it's extremely easy to polish them up into a first official draft.

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