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Lindsay Sheehan


Major: English Education

Advice for writers 
Put words on the page. As a writer, one of the biggest struggles I face is not being able to form my ideas into coherent sentences. If that is something you struggle with, take twenty minutes to just write whatever is on your mind. Do not edit, overthink, or re-read until everything that was previously floating around in your mind is on that paper. You might be surprised at the clarity of your thoughts or draw connections you were not able to see before.

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
I am a very visual and physical thinker with lots of energy for the projects I work on. Usually, this means I start a project by creating some form of a web or diagram on a large whiteboard or clean notebook page. As I move along, my ideas become more concrete, and I am able to clearly visualize the way I want the paper to flow. Talking through things is also a vital step for me, so I will often consult my friends when I am in a jam and read my work aloud to work out kinks I don’t notice while I’m writing.

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