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Virginia Turner

Sophomore, Consultant since Fall 2016

Advice for writers 
Once you've gathered your information, evidence, etc., write your introduction and conclusion first. It helps to know where your paper should begin and end, and by doing this you've completed two of the hardest parts of a paper. For the body of your paper, bullet point the topics, evidence, and quotations (if any) that you have for each paragraph. This will help you organize your thoughts and make the writing process much easier.

How do you get started on a writing assignment?
When writing an essay on literary analysis, I take the particular work of literature and read through it once before I go back and highlight some impactful words. I pick a word that I've highlighted and make a list of the first things I think of when I see this word. From there I can devise a clear outline of what I want to target about this piece of literature in the essay I am writing, which makes the process of coming up with a thesis that much easier.

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