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Paul Mallers & Jake Dietz Blog From Greece - Days 3 and 4

From Sports Information Director, May 22, 2009 | Men's Basketball
by Dan Lukes,, (920) 403-4077

Day 3 - After an early wake up call we hit the road towards Delphi. During the drive we passed through the cities of Thiva and Livadia. These two cities were entrenched in the mountain side that supported many opportunities for great pictures. Our first stop in Delphi was the Temple of Apollo, where the oracle delivered her ambiguous prophecies. Here we also saw a ancient theater that seated 5,000 people, and a stadium that was placed toward the top of a mountain which meant a long walk for some!

After the Temple of Apollo we made our way to the museum with its collection of ancient works including the Sphinx of the Naxians, the Silver Bull, and the Charioteer. The evening concluded with shopping for souvenirs and a night out on the streets of Delphi!

Day 4 - The morning started with a delicious breakfast. This day was mostly a travel day as Olympia and Kalamata were hours away from Delphi. Our first stop was Olympia which was the site of the First Olympic Games. The weather was beautiful and very hot throughout the tour of Olympia. Here we saw the Temple of Zeus, which is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Here we also saw the place where they light the torch for the Olympic games every four years. After the tour of the ruins, we broke for a lunch break and more souvenir shopping. Some ordered a hamburger expecting the norm, but received just a patty without the bun!

We boarded the coach and headed towards Kalamata, a three hour drive. Just checked into the hotel tonight where we have a great view of the Mediterranean Sea off the balcony. It is a Friday night here so there will be more people out and about. We will be here for the weekend and hope to swim in the sea as well as explore the night life. Game tomorrow, so we will check in soon. Jake and Paul signing off!