This birds-eye view showcases our campus, nestled into a bend on the Fox River.

Our College – Yours, Too

The Norbertine order – founder of St. Norbert College – has had a unique view of community life throughout its 900-year history.

Taking their cue from St. Norbert himself, the Norbertines don’t follow the cloistered, monastic life embraced by other orders; instead, they are fully engaged in their community. They seek to be a part of things, not apart from things …

And so do we.

St. Norbert College is so much more than a place for students to study and learn and live. It is an institution fully engaged with its neighbors – families, community organizations, businesses and individuals of all stripes.

No ivy walls, ivory towers and splendid isolation for us: We prefer open doors, warm spaces and the insurmountable joys of human interaction.

For that reason, we constantly strive to create rich and meaningful relationships with all of those in our community, in myriad ways:

Conference & Event Planning
“Radical hospitality” is a tenet of the Norbertines. See how we embrace it as hosts of events both corporate and deeply personal.

Connecting Students to Careers
By hiring our students and graduates, you’ll be tapping into a renewable source of energy and talent.

Helping Businesses Thrive
Our services to the business community are helping expand the region’s economic reach. Tap us for strategic research, translating and interpreting services, and custom training in language and culture.

Building Creative Partnerships
St. Norbert College works with community partners to present some of the most exhilarating cultural events in northeast Wisconsin.

Hosting Business Workshops & Speaker Series
We’re deeply engaged with business leaders to create a stronger northeast Wisconsin.

Community Events & Programs
Concerts. Art exhibits. Music theatre. Campus-wide celebrations. Educational programming. The college opens its doors for a wealth of cultural and educational events.

Child & Teen Programs
From sports clinics to band camps, day care to language lessons, our campus provides enriching experiences for youth of all ages.