Rochelle Van Erem

Serials Management Specialist

B.A., Southeastern College (Biblical Studies)
M.L.S., University of South Florida, Tampa (Library and Information Science)

Rochelle began working at the library in 2006. Originally she was responsible for serial publications in all formats: journals, newspapers and microfilm. With the continuing growth of electronic resources, Rochelle now focuses on electronic access maintenance, which includes database and e-journal trials, cataloging, proxy, linking and administration.

Rochelle also sets titles and apps on our circulating e-readers, and keeps an eye on improving on available technologies and assisting library staff to provide the resources needed for your course of study.

As a Florida transplant, Rochelle is becoming quite fond of the four seasons here in Wisconsin. She has also developed a fondness for working backstage with some St. Norbert College and community theatre events.

Talk to Rochelle about husbands who like fly fishing, high-maintenance dog breeds, working behind-the-scenes in theater and your favorite movies.

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