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Faculty / Staff Request List Status Report as of:
March 4, 2009
The Office of the Registrar upon receiving a request for information, data, or completion of a report schedules the request based on due date of requestor, office priorities, and estimated time required on the project. Requests are processed on a priority basis, however, priorities within the office are dynamic and are adjusted weekly or even daily depending on our responsibilities and available staff time. This list is provided to communicate the status of requests to the SNC community. If you have questions please contact Linda O'Keefe, Associate Registrar, ext. 3215. Tasks are listed as Active (Received and Reviewed but Not Started), Processing (Work has started on this topic but is currently incomplete), or Completed. * Column indicates a repeating requested scheduled within the offices production schedule.
Priority A/B/C * Requested Due Date Status Type Activity Description / Title Requestor
C 27 2-Mar-09 Active List Classics Minors Mike Lovano
C 28 4-Mar-09 Active List Need to know the names of music majors & minors who graduated in the years 1982 - 1988, Name & Degree Holly Huntley
C 26 5-Mar-09 Active Data File 2006 History graduates Marti Lamar
C 28 5-Mar-09 Active Data File Junior English majors Laurie MacDiarmid
C 29 5-Mar-09 Active Data File Current Student Athlete Home Address Don Maslinski
C 26 11-Mar-09 Active List RELS majors and minors Thomas Bolin
C 28 13-Mar-09 Active List junior and senior English majors Edward Risden
C 27 20-Mar-09 Active List Men eligible for Greek involvement Shelly Mumma
Recently Completed Tasks to be Archived
C 15 1-Dec-08 Complete Data File Course Enrollment Numbers Iris Jenkel
C 11 1-Dec-08 Complete List Phi Alpha Theta Recruits Michael Lovano
C 9 3-Dec-08 Complete Data File Course Enrollment Numbers Kelly Krummel
C 16 3-Dec-08 Complete Data File Education Course Enrollment numbers Mary Greenlaw
A 17 11-Dec-08 Complete Data File President's e-card Nina Nolan
C 17 ASAP Complete List Historical Full-Time International Student Enrollment Sam Dunlop
C 16 10-Dec-08 Complete Data File Spanish majors Kristina Reignier
C 16 10-Dec-08 Complete Data File French majors Kristina Reignier
C 18 9-Jan-09 Complete Date File Student names with suite numbers Karen Cleereman
C 21 9-Jan-09 Complete Date File Senior Listing Jessica Jacques
B 21 13-Jan-09 Complete Date File 200810 Dean's List Darlene Lefevre
C 20 13-Jan-09 Complete Report Rosters Sue Sorenson
C 20 13-Jan-09 Complete Report Men's and Womens Basketball Pat Duffy
C 21 15-Jan-09 Complete List History majors and minors Wayne Patterson
C 16 15-Jan-09 Complete Report Cross Country Grade Report Don Augustine
C 18 15-Jan-09 Complete List Peace and Justice Minor Students Sr. Sally Ann Brickner
C 22 20-Jan-09 Complete Date File Spring 09 Courses Kelly Krummel
C 23 3-Feb-09 Complete List History and Psychology Majors William Falk
C 23 29-Jan-09 Complete List History majors and minors Larry McAndrews
C 24 6-Feb-09 Complete Date File English Majors/Minors Kelly Krummel
C 22 2-Feb-09 Complete List Current Art Majors Donald Taylor
C 23 30-Jan-09 Complete Report Sports Rosters Matt Doyle
C 23 27-Jan-09 Complete Report Scholarship Eligibility Nancy Mathias
C 23 3-Feb-09 Complete List Request for students enrolled in GS 12 Courses Spring 2009 Pat Wery
C 24 10-Feb-09 Complete Report Summer Session Non-SNC Students Sue Sorenson
C 24 10-Feb-09 Complete Report Students receiving  internship credit Jenny Schroth
C 22 12-Feb-09 Complete Report Audit list for spring and jterm Cheryl Knuth
C 22 12-Feb-09 Complete Date File students who graduated in Dec. 2007, January,May, August 2008 Jerry Donahue
C 21 12-Feb-09 Complete List 2007-8 History graduates Marti Lamar
C 24 12-Feb-09 Complete Date File All Students for Ash Wednesday Jim Baraniak
C 21 13-Feb-09 Complete List list of multicultural students Bridgit Martin
C 23 20-Feb-09 Complete List Awards Candidates Various
C 20 20-Feb-09 Complete List Graduating econ majors Marc von der Ruhr
C 23 4-Feb-09 Complete List Awards Candidates Iris Jenkel
C 26 23-Feb-09 Complete Date File Pi Gamma Mu Eligibles Craig Stencel
C 27 asap Complete Date File Sigma Beta Delta Invitations Jeff Ritter
C 28 27-Feb-09 Complete List International Studies majors GPA Gratzia Villarroel
C 28 26-Feb-09 Complete Report Registered Students by Class Standing Wendy Challis
C 29 4-Mar-09 Complete Report Psychology Seniors by GPA Stuart Korshavn
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